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These galleries represent some of the work that I create in digital formats for art commissioners and curators around the world.  The artworks are usually created in a digital space so that they can be transferred over the web and printed and installed locally at their destination.  As many of these are in very large format, great care must be taken over detail and compatibility with the end users requirements. 

Gran Melia Hotel UAE

The brief was to create artworks that evoked a tranquil coastal setting but also to reference precious metals that reflected the decorative accents in the 'Jewel of Jeddah' hotel's interior design.

Several approaches were discussed until the right balance was found  - the challenge being to create artwork for rooms before the hotel had been built.

Omani Architecture

A large corporate space in Oman wanted pieces that celebrated the unique national architectural style.

Multi-Faceted Dubai

'A desert paradise with rich, hidden depths' was the brief for this project to provide warm and inspirational pieces for a corporate headquarters in the UAE.

Street Style Wall Art

I was asked to create some pieces that told the story of the commissioning company's journey from graffiti art in the 80's to high end consultancy work in the present day.  These pieces were commissioned specifically in my own personal illustrative style. 

The Khalifa Kitten

A fun interpretation of the Dubai skyline including all the major landmarks and a MASSIVE CAT!

The images show the process from onscreen digital artwork to the happy contractors taking a selfie after safely transporting and installing the 4 and a half metre wide print.

'Painterly abstracts'

Most of my commissioned pieces for corporate spaces are abstract pieces and some are required to have a painterly feel.  This can be especially tricky when supplying the artwork in a digital form at a memory friendly file size.  Here are a few examples of pieces that are intended to contribute to general ambience in functional spaces.

Large format

A large collective space requires large format artworks.  The challenge here was to supply hi-res, detailed image files that look fantastic on site when they are printed several metres wide on to backlit glass.

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